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Arete Marketing Solutions

Arete Marketing Solutions

Arete believes that all organizations have the potential to achieve greatness. Some companies just need that little extra boost to help them gain momentum. That is why Arete offers a very comprehensive approach to getting your organization fast track its way to success. Whether it’s a vertical specific sales strategy or a grass roots “go to market” campaign to help drive brand awareness, Arete will be there to help guide you along the way.

Contract No: 791202003002 Technology Products Services and Solutions


  Carlos Montanez
  (832) 703-2517

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202003002 Original RFP 03/30/2022
791202003002 Proof Of Publication 03/30/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202003002 Bid Tabulations 05/17/2022
791202003002 Award Letter 05/17/2022
791202003002 Vendor Contract 05/17/2022

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