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Mentoring Minds, L.P.

Mentoring Minds, L.P.

Our work starts by developing research-based products and continues throughout the school year, as we help schools implement our resources and realize student growth. The work doesn’t end there, though. Big picture initiatives are central to our mission, too, and we’re investing in our communities to address hunger, adult literacy, and other issues that—though often invisible—fundamentally impact students’ ability to learn.

Contract No: 791202005013 Education Curriculum, Products, and Services


  Shad Madsen
  (800) 585-5258

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Contract Document Date
791202005013 Proof Of Publication 05/27/2022
791202005013 Original RFP 05/27/2022

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791202005013 Award Letter 06/01/2022
791202005013 Vendor Contract 06/01/2022
791202005013 Bid Tabulations 06/01/2022

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