791Coop Overview

What is the 791Coop Purchasing Cooperative and of what value is it to me?


The 791 Coop Purchasing Cooperative was created in 2019 to offer its members a unique

and beneficial opportunity to purchase goods and services from contracts that meet all 

state and federal competitive bidding requirements, saving valuable time and resources 

in the process. During the term of each contract, members may place their purchases directly 

with our Awarded vendors for the various goods and services that they may need without 

going out for bid.


The 791Coop Purchasing Cooperative is an administrative agency created in accordance

with Sec. 791 of the Texas Government Code.


The quality objective of the 791Coop Purchasing Cooperative is to allow qualified members

to purchase goods and services in an efficient, cost effective, and competitive procurement 

method as outlined in the Texas School Law Bulletin, Sec. 44.031 Purchasing Contracts.

We are developing technology to help or our participant make better purchasing decision based on our proprietary market value indexes.

Information and communication technology has been increasingly used by governments in the acquisition of goods and services, the allocation of contracts to bidders and in contract management (e-procurement). The benefits of e-procurement are many and include improvements in market access and competition, promotion of integrity, reduced information costs; easier access to information, and increased transparency and accountability, among others. In this context, e-procurement also has the capacity to prevent and reduce the opportunities for corruption in the different stages of public procurement.  


In compliance-centric and legislative-mandated cultures, like the ones that exist in public sector organizations, leaders can use technology to gain better control of the legal aspects of procurement, allowing for easier processes in reducing legislative infractions and maverick spend.




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