791Coop Overview



What is 791 Purchasing Cooperative ?

791 Purchasing Cooperative is a leading national governmental purchasing cooperative. We competitively bid and award purchasing contracts for eligible public agencies to utilize for their benefit.


What are the benefits of cooperative contracts?

There are numerous benefits of cooperative contracts, first and foremost are compliance and competitiveness. 791 is a leading team of compliance experts in public sector contracting, helping both agencies and vendors compliantly do business together. We ensure the competitive bid process is rigorously followed and compliance maintained during the life of  our contracts and the term of any surviving contracts. 791 has competitively bid and awarded contracts, agencies have access to competitive market pricing with thoroughly researched categories, products, and services.


How does 791 Purchasing Cooperative achieve compliant contracts?

791 Purchasing Cooperative works with public agencies to compliantly competitively bid contracts according to state rules and regulations. In Texas the contracting agencies competitively bid according to Texas Education Code Chapter 44.031, Texas Government Code Chapter 252 and Texas Government Code Chapter 2269. Texas Government Code Chapter 791  Interlocal Cooperation Contracts allows government agencies to use one another's contracts.


Who can use 791 Contracts?

Any of the 30,000+ eligible public agencies in the United States of America. K12 schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties, state agencies, and other organizations that require competitive bidding by a public agency.


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