791Coop Overview

K-12 Market

College and Career Readiness, 21st Century Learning, Global Competitiveness, and education services centers.

Higher Education Market

Leading Institutions for Innovation and Research, Career Readiness, Global Competitiveness.

Municipal Markets Governments

Public Safety, Livable Communities, Economic Vibrancy, Attractive Environments


State Markets

Public Safety, Livable Communities, Economic Vibrancy, Attractive Environments.



Any agency designated as a nonprofit by the IRS.

Texas Entities 
No cost, no obligation. Joining 791 Purchasing Cooperative gives your agency access to millions of products and services that have already been competitively bid and awarded by a lead public agency, so your agency does not have to perform the process again. Additionally 791 leverages national purchasing power and economies of scale of a national purchasing consortium to get best pricing and terms for agencies small to large.

Texas Interlocal Agreement

Board Resolution


Non-Texas Entities 

Non-Texas Entities


The first step to making a 791Coop Purchase is to make sure your organization/entity is a 791Coop member.  If your organization is not a 791Coop member, you may begin the fast and free membership process.


Entities PIc

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