791Coop Overview

If your company is awarded a contract, the door is open to the local, State, and K12 education government marketplace!

Register with 791 Purchasing Cooperative.
Register to receive proposal notifications and create a unique login name and password for future use. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after the information has been added to the Registration List.

Notice: Registering does not give your company automatic participation in the 791Coop. Vendors must be awarded a 791Coop proposal to participate.
What you need for 791Coop vendor registration:
•    Tax ID number
•    Annual gross sales
•    Years in business
•    Special classifications such as minority-owned or woman-owned business

The six-step registration process includes:
1.    Accepting the 791Coop terms and conditions.
2.    Providing your company information.
3.    Providing primary address information.
4.    Vendor classification.
5.    Providing primary user information.
6.    Reviewing & Submitting the registration.


After you are registered

As a registered vendor, you will receive e-mail notifications of future proposal opportunities for the commodity categories selected in your registration.

The second step is to respond to one of the proposal opportunities and ultimately be awarded a contract by  791Coop.

View our list of solicitations and to register, and click below for more information.

 Vendor Registration


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