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IHS Pharmacy

IHS Pharmacy

IHS Pharmacy specializes in providing medication and pharmaceutical services to city, county, and private correctional facilities. Currently IHS serves more than 400 correctional facilities in 18 states. IHS's correctional facilities range in size from the smallest city jail with just a few on medication, to large private prisons and detention facilities with capacity in excess of 1500 inmates. IHS provides medication for 34 correctional facilities in Texas.

Contract No: 791202103006 Jail Inmate Medical and Pharmacy Services


  Myra Sanderson
  (800) 638-3104

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202103006 Original RFP 05/11/2022
791202103006 Proof Of Publication 05/11/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202103006 Award Letter 05/12/2022
791202103006 Vendor Contract 05/12/2022
791202103006 Bid Tabulation 05/12/2022

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