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Saddleback Educational, Inc.

Saddleback Educational, Inc.

Saddleback creates engaging, age respectful content for grades 4–12 at accessible reading levels in a variety of styles. Our hope is that by giving readers mature text at accessible levels in different formats, they will find something they WANT to read, and SUCCESSFULLY finish. What do we mean by “accessible” levels? We create content that is written starting at Pre-K and K levels and offer books up to a fifth-grade reading level. This ensures that no matter what level your reader is, we will have a book for them. And, we offer a variety of formats—graphic novels, pure text, full-color, books in verse, and plays. We live by the saying “If you want a child to read a book, give them a book they want to read.”

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  Brittany Gomez
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791202005015 Original RFP 06/13/2022
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