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ERC Environmental Construction

ERC Environmental Construction

ERC is a Professional Services Firm in Environmental Consulting and Construction. At ERC, we build positive relationships with our clients by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for their project needs. We consistently exceed client expectations with our emphasis on productivity, efficiency and expertise. ERC’s business model promotes sustainability by evaluating and aligning the environmental, financial and community impacts of each project with which we are involved.

Contract No: 791202103002 Full Service JOC Services-Part 2


  Kommy M. Azarpour
  (713) 290-9444

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202103002 Original RFP 06/07/2022
791202103002 Proof Of Publication 06/07/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202103002 Vendor Contract 06/09/2022
791202103002 Award Letter 06/08/2022
791202103002 Bid Tabulations 06/08/2022

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