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Ventris Learning

Ventris Learning

Our Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching resources help teachers, reading specialists and Speech Language Pathologists more effectively meet the instructional and assessment needs of all students, including those who tend to become underserved in language and literacy. They also help convey a linguistic appreciation and consideration of the relationship between spoken (in all of its variation) and written language, and the skills and knowledge critical to literacy development.

Contract No: 791202005016 Special Education Products and Services


  Robert Meyer
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Contract Document Date
791202005016 Proof Of Publication 06/13/2022
791202005016 Original RFP 06/13/2022

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791202005016 Award Letter 06/14/2022
791202005016 Bid Tabulations 06/14/2022
791202005016 Vendor Contract 06/14/2022

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