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Tometys Inc

Tometys Inc

KreativDesk.com is owned and operated by a team of talented young men and women working with an experienced business solutions expert to proffer "Out of the Box' package solutions to companies that need to create, lift and or boost the image of their companies to increase the bottom line, with "AFFORDABLE WHOLESALE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS & PPE" - GET IN TOUCH

Contract No: 791202003005 Promotional Items


  Evans Tomety
  (469) 522-9694

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202003005 Original RFP 06/15/2022
791202003005 Proof Of Publication 06/15/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202003005 Award Letter 06/20/2022
791202003005 Bid Tabulations 06/20/2022
791202003005 Vendor Contract 06/20/2022

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