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BTCPower Broadband Telcom Power

BTCPower Broadband Telcom Power

BTC POWER is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems in North America. BTC POWER’s product portfolio consists of both DC and AC charging systems with power ranges from 6.6kW to 350kW. With over 15,000 charging systems sold worldwide, BTC POWER’s DC Fast Chargers and AC Chargers serve Charge Point Operators, Oil & Gas, Convenient Stores, Retail Centers, Fleets and more for charging electric vehicles, heavy duty transit shuttle and school buses, fleets, and other specialty vehicles.

Contract No: 791202207008 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Systems, and Solutions Including Consulting and Planning


  Patty de Llano
  (612) 360-8760

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202207008 Original RFP 10/20/2022
791202207008 Proof Of Publication 10/20/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202207008 Award Letter 10/20/2022
791202207008 Vendor Contract 10/20/2022
791202207008 Bid Tabulations 10/20/2022

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