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NZS Inc. dba OneScreen

NZS Inc. dba OneScreen

OneScreen, established in 2012, is a complete smart school technology provider with expertise in interactive touchscreens, integrated learning tools, EdTech support services, school security, and AI. For more than a decade, OneScreen has led the market with smarter, more secure classroom solutions that are custom designed to meet the needs of each school, including high-quality touchscreens and their accessories, remote learning software, AI cameras, and more.

Contract No: 791202303001 Security Products, Equipment and Services


  Zarrar Khan
  (858) 429-9995

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202303001 Original RFP 05/23/2023
791202303001 Proof Of Publication 05/23/2023

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202303001 Bid Tabulations 05/24/2023
791202303001 Award Letter 05/24/2023
791202303001 Vendor Contract 05/26/2023

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