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Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications

We’re making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!) Our Super Duper staff members do their best every day to give you great customer help, speedy and careful delivery of your orders, and friendly help with any of your questions.

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Special Education Products and Services


  Daphne Sanders
  (800) 277-8737

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791202005016 Proof Of Publication 06/13/2022
791202005016 Original RFP 06/13/2022

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791202005016 Award Letter 06/14/2022
791202005016 Bid Tabulations 06/14/2022
791202005016 Vendor Contract 06/14/2022

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