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Hunton Services

Hunton Services

Why Hunton? It is our mission to customize a solution that delivers the lowest total life-cycle cost of ownership for the operation, ownership, and maintenance of your mechanical systems. We are a proud member of the Hunton Group family of companies, and as Houston’s Trane OEM since 1981, we are ready to assist you with any phase of your energy project in any market- from engineering and design to maintenance and continual commissioning. We speak the language of buildings, and we understand that every building has a purpose. At Hunton Services, we develop customer relationships by listening carefully to our customers to determine job performance, quality, and cost needs. By utilizing a staff of qualified managers, engineers, and skilled technicians, we can develop sound and cost-effective solutions that result in real value. By providing tangible value, our customers trust us and routinely reward us with their next project.

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Energy Efficiency Products and Services including Automation, HVAC, Electrical, and Solar


  Scott Schomburg
  (713) 643-8336

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202207007 Original RFP 10/20/2022
791202207007 Evaluation Documents 10/20/2022
791202207007 Proof Of Publication 10/20/2022

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Contract Document Date
791202207007 Award Letter 10/20/2022
791202207007 Vendor Contract 10/20/2022

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