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Carrier Enterprises

Carrier Enterprises

Welcome to a new kind of HVAC Supplier With a comprehensive suite of award-winning digital tools, CE is poised to power your HVAC business with the knowledge and service you need to accelerate your company’s profitability and growth. With decades of expertise fueling our passion for partnership with our customers, we stand ready to deliver on our promise of comfort excellence.

Awarded contract 791202207002

HVAC Equipment and Services


  Glen Kromar
  (713) 939-6000

Contract Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202207002 Original RFP 10/21/2022
791202207002 Proof Of Publication 10/21/2022
791202207002 Evaluation Documents 10/21/2022

Vendor Documentation

Contract Document Date
791202207002 Award Letter 10/21/2022
791202207002 Vendor Contract 10/21/2022

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